Brush Park Studio

Brush Park Studio was created in 2002 deriving the name from a neighborhood in Detroit where Tom Atkinson and Jim Renberg would spend time admiring the late 19th century homes’ architecture. Tom studied at The New England Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. He brings a very unique design style of merging old world architecture along with the need of clients desiring modern conveniences. Jim has a culinary arts degree and is instrumental in kitchen design. With Jim’s knowledge of cooking and Tom’s space planning skills it allows for the creation of the clients dream cooking space.


All of the designs of Brush Park Studio are applied using highly technical computer software that allows clients to see their project in 3 dimensional viewing. This applies to renovations as well as new residential house plans including furniture and color design concepts. Clients enjoy seeing the finished product well before completion and can begin to focus on working with Tom on choices of  marble, granite and different wood species for the interior architectural details.